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The Pied Piper Of Pest Control

Good fairytale stories are often repeated. Like the classic, good stories with a moral or even a twist in the tale are revised for present day or contextual use. The original tale of the pied piper initially brought joy to a town. But when his services appeared to go underappreciated, things went from bad to worse as the townsfolk lost even more than they had bargained with, recalling epic events of even older stories.

Epics include narrations of both man-made and natural pestilences. Today, natural disasters which include ongoing problems with pests are being placed at the door of man. Many pests, especially the ever-present cockroach and fly, thrive on man’s propensity to litter and pollute. The pest control prince Frederick MD van will periodically blow its horn about local pestilences and how to get rid of them. If local folks don’t heed its call, then logically speaking, the problem persists, if not that, it gets worse.

It’s not quite the same story of the old pied piper who drove all the rats out of town, but yes, this patrolling van will have its armory ready to fire away all the rats and mice scratching around in people’s attics and basements. Which calls to mind the reminder; when last did you clean out your attic or basement? And when last did you clean out all the hidden corners in your kitchens and bathrooms. These are dark corners where insect and rodent pests love to hide away in.

pest control prince Frederick MD

As the story goes, when the folks go off to bed, the rats come out to play. The cat won’t help. Its claws would be pretty full anyhow. Only one thing left to do then, stop the pest control prince van the next time it comes rolling around your street.